Citadelle de Besançon

Besançon Citadel : several museums and a
The Citadel is Vauban′s masterpiece perched over 100 metres above Besançon′s historic centre tightly encircled by a magnificent loop, formed by a meander in the river Doubs. The fortress was constructed over the period 1668 to 1711 and covers 11 hectares. It has been painstakingly refurbished and the Citadel is now a one-of-a-kind cultural and tourist high spot that invites you to mingle with both the past and the present.

Mérey-sous-Montrond karst trailWeb site
Two 1200- and 1500-metre discovery circuits are laid out to cater for different types of visitors so that they can observe and understand the formation of our region′s various karstic phenomena: karren, chasms, sinkholes, grottos... not to mention discovering the vegitation and wildlife of the limestone medium.

Grande doline du sentier
Vallée de la Loue

The Loue Valley The Loue Valley
The Loue Valley is in the department of the Doubs, to the east of Besançon. The Loue River, which is 126 km long, is a resurgence of the Doubs River. It carved out its riverbed in the limestone plateaus of the Jura long ago, before flowing back into the Doubs downstream of Dole.
The most interesting part of the valley is between the river's source and Ornans, the main town of the upper Loue Valley. The river drops 229 m in altitude in the space of some 20 km. From the observation points overlooking the watercourse there are breathtaking views of wooded gorges cut by the Loue and unspoilt villages linked by the meanderings of its clear waters.

The Loue's fine handiwork is largely responsible for ORNANS' reputation as the "Little Venice of Franche-Comté" and standing as one of the ''Little Comté Towns of Character", celebrated in its hanging houses, narrow gardens and bridges that straddle the water picking up the shades of ochre and blue reflected in the sunlight.

Dino Zoo

The Dino-Zoo, prehistoric park
A 12-hectare wooded park where prehistoric scenes are brought to life by some hundred reproductions of legendary animals and characters who have risen from the depth of time - stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and more recently, mammoths and our prehistoric cousins…

Besançon, whose flamboyant past made it the capital of Franche-Comté, is located in an almost perfect loop formed by the Doubs River. Its historic centre is criss-crossed by lanes just made for ambling, that will lead you to a number of highly interesting museums, such as the Fine Arts and Archaeology Museum, the Museum of Time… both of which remind us that Besançon was the clock-making capital from 1793 until the 1920s… Simply taking time out to stroll and live in this city will do you a power of good.

Musée des maisons comtoises de Nancray

Museum of Comté houses at Nancray
All the facets of rural Comté architecture will be revealed as you push open the doors of thirty houses that have been taken apart on their original sites and rebuilt here in this outdoor museum, faithfully using bygone construction techniques.
Let yourself be taken through the daily chores and be beguiled by the atmosphere and charm of these dwellings. Their furniture, farming equipment, the farm animals, kitchen gardens and orchards will give you the full taste of Comté countryside living.
Arbois is a paradox – a haven of peace-cum-town with one thousand and one activities, that patiently lies in wait with a raft of curiosities including the subtle flavours of its gourmet cuisine, the velvety aroma of its wines, the tangy bite of its Comté cheese...
Historians, gourmets and nature-lovers alike - this "feel-good" town offers you a unmatched choice of activities and finds. Discover Arbois again and again.
Little Comté Town of Character – Historic Centre - Louis Pasteur country – Capital of Jura wines.

Concrétions dans la grotte d'Osselle

Osselle Grotto : following the tracks of the Cave Bears...Web site
For the beauty of its natural setting, the variety of its crystals and colours, its rock formations and historical and prehistoric treasures, the Osselle Grotto has its place among the most surprising grottos in the world.

Arc-et-Senans Royal SaltworksWeb site
The Royal Saltworks of Chaux, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a major historic monument. It is a unique example of the industrial architecture of the century of Enlightenment.
The Department of the Doubs, who own the complex of buildings, has lavished 60 years of restoration work on it.

Vue aérienne des Salines royales
Gouffre de Poudrey

Chasm of
The Chasm of Poudrey takes you 70 metres underground, leading into an immense chamber which gives you an immediate and lasting impression of being in a sacred place. During a 45-minute underground walk you will discover a geological wonder whose formation and internal dimensions will astound you. It is currently the biggest chamber in France to be developed for visitors.

Chaux Forest: one of France′s major forests
The Chaux Forest extending over 20,493 hectares is France′s second biggest forest by area and logging has been going on there since the 13th century.
The French Crown only devised a real forestry management policy in 1678 - primarily to supply its shipyards - when Franche-Comté joined France. The diversity of the wildlife taking refuge in Chaux Forest makes it one of the best places to observe deer, wild boar, roe deer, badgers, forest wildcats, foxes, black woodpeckers, booted eagles and other creatures from the dense network of broad footpaths and bridle paths laid out over its extensive area.

Pont dans la forêt de Chaux

Since 1986, the (Doubs General Council) has been actively involved in the upkeep of footpaths by funding clearance work and furnishing signposts.
The Doubs General Council has opted to implement a can-do policy to promote family outings to discover the department′s landscapes and heritage, through its Departmental Plan of Walks and Excursion Routes (PDIPR).
Mountain-bikes map :doubs-vtt.pdf  (2,3MB)

Besançon-La Vèze AirfieldSite internet  Flying club  Parascending
Besançon-La Vèze Airfield is located at 14km south-east of Besançon, National road 57 to Pontarlier and Lausanne.

Besançon-La Vèze Airfield
Besançon Golf Course

Besançon Golf
In a beautiful natural park of 200 hectares, you wll enjoy the selective
and varied courses from Besançon Golf Course.

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